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Watch: [COMPUTEX 2016] ASUS GX Station 2

gx station 2

Even if you do happen to own a vehicle of your own, carrying a hefty gaming laptop can literally be a pain. But, what if you could somehow take a thin notebook that you could easily carry around and turn into a gaming beast once you get home — The ASUS GX Station 2 does just that. Inside the heart of this beast is a 680w PSU and can support your choice of the latest GPUs from either NVIDIA or AMD. All you do is connect one of the latest notebook ASUS released, such as the ZenBook 3 or ZenBook 3 Pro, via its Thunderbolt 3 port and –PRESTO! — you go from the board room to the game room with ease. They are going to make this available for us for other brands, but you will require a BIOS update to be able to tap into the power of this beast.

Check out our quick hands-on video below:

Jamie Inocian

A self-confessed geek. Jamie started out helping out on the Unbox Podcast and became the Digital Sales Manager when he joined the team full time. He has since then transitioned into one of our Senior Editors and Head Video Producer.

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