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What Gear Your Kid Needs to be a YouTube Star

My super pa-cute nephew, Gabe

Here’s all the Gear Needed to Get ’em Started

One of the questions I get asked often these days is what gear do parents need to give their kids so that they can start their own YouTube Channel. I’ve probably answered this question over a dozen times now just this year alone so for the benefit of everyone else who’s wondering about this same topic, here are my recommendations.

Gear Strategy: Keep it Simple and Affordable

When it comes to gear for Kids you need to make sure that you get them stuff that don’t break easily, aren’t too expensive, and intuitive to figure out. Unless your kid is a teen, it doesn’t make sense to give him a Canon 80D with a RODE microphone. They won’t be able to maximize it without training and they might even break it.

Camera: iPhone 6S, iPhone SE

I’d recommend you have them use a smartphone over a real camera from vlogging. The camera UI is much easier to figure out making it kid-friendly versus the complicated manual mode of DSLR or mirrorless cameras. They also have a lot of built-in special effects that they can play around with like Time Lapse and Slow Motion.

The smartphone I’d recommend is the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus with the most storage you can get. This model works well because it still has a headphone jack where your kid can plug in a microphone for better audio recording.

You can get an iPhone 6S Plus or the iPhone 6S for under Php30,000 from online stores like Widget City.

A Sturdy Case: Otterbox or Tech21

It goes without saying that your kid will thoroughly abuse the iPhone. Ideally you also get them a legit protective case. There are two brands that come to mind that offer superior protection: Otterbox and Tech21. You can find most of their products available in gadget areas of malls ranging anywhere from Php1,500-Php3,500 depending on the level of protection the case offers.

A Microphone: Boya Lavalier Mic

Sells for just under Php900. Get it from Henry’s Professional. Audio is critical in videos you need to train your kids to record with microphones.

Selfie Stick: MEFoto Smart Mini Tripod

Next you need to give them a reliable, sturdy, and multi-functional tripod. I’d recommend the MEFoto Smart Mini Tripod that sells for Php1,490 (comes in Red or Blue). What’s great about this is that it can work as a selfie stick and as a tripod. It also has a smartphone holder at the top which you can switch out for a GoPro mount. It also has a bluetooth remote control.

Tripods and selfie sticks are important so that your kid can record with good angles when he’s walking around or when he’s just in one place so make sure you get ’em one.

Power Bank: 20,000mAh+++

They will shoot and edit on the smartphone so chances are they will deplete the battery of the iPhone quickly. Part of a YouTuber kit should include a heavy duty power bank. There are a lot in the market today that offer a variety of features. I’d recommend you get something that is durable and offers a lot of mAh (20,000mAh up).

Take it to the Next Level: DJI Osmo Mobile

Once your kid is pumping out videos regularly and you see that they love doing it, get them a DJI Osmo Mobile. It is the most powerful and versatile vlogging tool you can have with a smartphone. You can watch the video above to see how it works. It sells for less than Php15,000 in various gadget stores.

And that’s pretty much it! Share with us the YouTube channels if your kids in the comments section below and we’ll help them out by sharing their video on our Facebook Page.

PS – I won’t detail it here but I’d suggest you google “How to Monetize YouTube Videos” as well so you have an idea how making money on YouTube works. I’ll probably cover this in a separate article.

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