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Xiaomi’s Affordable Mi Gaming Mouse Now Available In The Philippines

A mouse that has a 32-bit ARM processor inside

Xiaomi’s expanding its reach into IT products in the Philippines recently by offering things like affordable monitors as well as gaming models. Today Xiaomi’s offering yet another enthusiast PC gaming product in the form of the Mi Gaming Mouse.

The Mi Gaming Mouse has all the features you’d expect from a gaming mouse, including a gaming-grade, 7200 DPI optical sensor as well as 150 IPS tracking speed. There are 6 buttons scattered in its body that can be customized to what you want, as well as on-the-spot DPI adjustments.

What’s nice is that the mouse works in both wired and wireless modes which are nice since the mouse can pull double duty as a work mouse when you’re away from your main rig.

As with any gaming product today the mouse has RGB lights in its body, but credit to Xiaomi for not making them obnoxious to the point of being distracting. Xiaomi’s proud of the fact that it has a 32-bit ARM processor inside to make operation smoother, which also allows 125/250/500/1000 four-speeds through software provided with the mouse.

The best part is the price: at just Php 1895 it has a very attractive price tag considering its features. The mouse will be sold through Mi Store Philippines and official Xiaomi resellers in the country.

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