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Avoid Fake News: Smart Giving Free Data Access to DoH and PHILVOLCS Website

This is to make sure you are reading the right news

The world is experiencing a serious health emergency thanks to the spread of the nCoV virus that has affected China and most of the world. Getting reliable news about the spread of the virus has been challenging, to say the least.

The spread of fake news isn’t confined to the new coronavirus – the same thing happened during the Taal eruption a few weeks earlier, which is why Smart is waving charges for its users accessing the website of DoH and PHILVOLCS.

By waiving data charges accessing these government sites, Smart is giving everyone direct access to legitimate government websites so everyone will share and disseminate the right information regarding these two public health and safety concerns.

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  1. Let’s all be mindful of the news we hear and read by cross-checking of DOH and PHIVOLCS’ official websites.

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