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Having Problems With BPI? It’s Not Just You [UPDATED]

Many people can’t access their accounts today

Can’t access your BPI account today? You’re not alone – many customers are finding out that their BPI account is inaccessible the hard way today, as the company’s system has apparently gone down earlier this morning.

If that wasn’t enough, BPI hasn’t issued any official announcements of a system issue in their Facebook and Twitter accounts as of press time, with customers only discovering the system issue when they complain in one of BPI’s many Facebook posts that they made over the holidays which they reply to, or via when you ask them via their Twitter account. Here’s the canned response they give you when you ask if there’s an issue:

This has irked a lot of people, who don’t like being kept in the dark when something goes wrong with their bank. Banks and financial institutions need to be transparent whenever their system goes down, no matter what kind of negative press or public perception they may get.

We also found that transfers made via online transactions that reflected earlier in the day when their system was online were no longer reflected on our account as of press time. This is likely a system glitch that will be hopefully rectified when their system goes fully back online.

[UPDATE] BPI has reached out to us via a prepared statement that you can read below:


Please be advised that some financial transactions (bills payment, fund transfer, etc) are temporarily unavailable via mobile app and website. We are finishing the processing of transactions posted over the long weekend. We are working to fully restore these services as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Looks like BPI’s systems are mostly back to normal as we’re able to withdraw and process transactions through their online channels as of 5:52 PM.

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