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Here’s a List of People and Pages to Follow During the Community Quarantine

Let’s make that Community Quarantine productive

As of this writing, it is day 6 of the community quarantine in Metro Manila. Most, if not all of us, are at home to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. In case you don’t want to drown yourself in binging Netflix shows, playing computer games, engaging in video chats with friends, or mindlessly sharing memes, you can still be productive while confined at home. Here are some of the things you can do at home—all within the confines of the internet:

Watch a concert. Who says you can’t enjoy live music while confined at home? Fortunately, Pinoy artists like Ebe Dancel will be holding live concerts through Facebook livestream. If that’s not enough, international artists like John Legend are utilizing the IGTV platform to hold live concerts for their fans around the world.

Learn how to cook new meals. Ordering food during these trying times is not the most practical thing to do, as most restaurants are dealing with delivery delays. Whether you know how to cook or not, personalities life Chef Edward Bugia is holding cooking tutorials on their Facebook page. Currently, Chef Edward has demonstrated how to make Beef Bolognese and how to cook eggs.

Learn from business experts. Did you know that marketing experts and entrepreneurs are holding online seminars? Recently, Josiah Go held one discussing how to do marketing during the COVID-19 scare, while Marvin Germo recently uploaded a YouTube video on how to earn in online selling.

Hone your skills for your hobbies. Do you love photography? ASUS Philippines’ YouTube channel has videos on photography: one on photographing wine bottles and another on editing landscape photos with Adobe Lightroom. Want to learn new video editing skills? Okay Fight Creatives recently hold an online session on video editing that includes the basics and simple edits that you can easily do with your videos.

How to Earn Money During the Month-Long Community Quarantine

How to Earn Money During the Month-Long Community Quarantine

How to Earn Money During the Month-Long Community Quarantine


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