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Holiday PSA: Be Careful of Those Greetings Sent to You via Messenger

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It is the holidays, which means you, your family, and your friends will most likely receive or send greetings to one another. While this is an online tradition, a new malware-laden greeting—called the Wish-you.co—has been infiltrating over social media messaging platforms.

A sample of those wish-you.co greets.

Should you happen to receive something similar (other variations include wish4u.co, my-msg.co, surprise4u.co, and many more), DO NOT OPEN THOSE LINKS even if it was sent by someone you know. Those links will redirect you to a site full of greetings, will ask for your credentials, and run a malicious script that will send a similar redirect link to all of your contacts.

Should you be victimized by it, make sure to 1) change ALL passwords of your online banking and social media accounts, 2) reset your browser (ie. clean up the whole browsing data), and 3) update your anti-malware software and do a full scan.

If you have been affected by it, here’s a tutorial on how to remove the wish-you.co malware from your system. Visit here for an updated list of malicious links.

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