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Is Amazon’s Online Shopping Arm Arriving to The Philippines?

A poster is definitely telling something

As online retail services like Lazada, Shopee, and OLX are strengthening their presence here in the Philippines, it seems that another major player is slated to enter the country.

Over at Reddit, a user shared this photo of a billboard in Cebu, teasing the possible arrival of Amazon in the Philippines. From what can be seen, Amazon is looking for prospective employees to join their team. From the Reddit thread, commenters share that Amazon is looking into expanding their business here in Asia.

A link to Amazon careers shows that one of the job openings is a Customer Service Associate position. Aside from Cebu, Amazon has set up an office here in the Philippines for Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary that offers cloud computing services.

For the meantime, let’s keep ourĀ fingers crossed until we get an official statement from Amazon.


Source: Reddit

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  1. I hope Amazon opens shop before Christmas.

    OLX does not facilitate payments, delivery, returns or anything other than listing. They have also removed the feedback system, and the messaging does not work properly. It’s a third-rate website and I’ve never had a good experience there.

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