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Is Google Lens One Of the Best Features of Google Photos?

We try out Google Photos’ latest feature!

Google makes an effort in updating its applications.Not just to make them stable, but to add a few nifty features.  Among one of the more interesting updates include the integration of Google Lens for its Google Photos app.

Originally found on Google’s Pixel phones, Google has made a wider rollout of Google Lens via the Google Photos app, starting with Android phones. It was a matter of days before we got our hands on the updated Google Photos app, and we were excited to try it out for ourselves.


How good is Google Lens? Here are some of the results I got, based on the photos stored on my Google Photos account:


After trying it out, here are some of my findings:

It can easily recognize notable places

If you are like me who tends to forget the places you took pictures of, Google Lens will help you recognize them for you, especially if they are prominent ones. The app does this through machine learning, where it bases its results from millions of images over Google search.

With a good internet signal, Google Lens is a useful tool especially when you go sightseeing.

You get info based on what Google Lens detected

Aside from recognizing the place, Google Lens also gives you a few details about the image. Most of the time, it gathers info from Wikipedia.

In addition, Google Lens also gives you other details like the place’s rating, operating hours, and the classification of the place.

Photos must have a clear element for Lens to work

For Google Lens to work, however, the photo must have a clear element of something that is familiar to Google Lens. In my case, some photos I shot in the Philippines were not recognized. In fact, Lens did have some difficulties recognizing places I shot abroad.

While it is a cool feature, do be aware that Google Lens does have its limitations as well.

It’s an improving¬†feature, after all

Since Google Lens works through machine learning and AI, its recognition powers will improve over time. To be honest, it is cool for Google to be able to port Google Lens to most (if not all) Android devices, and to iOS devices soon.

Integrating it with Google Photos is a good start, and we hope Google implements Google Lens with all its apps in the near future.


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