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Congress to Pull the Plug on Late Night Videoke Sessions

A bill is in the works

Are you one of those people who is annoyed as hell when the neighbors belt out some videoke hits with rather unappealing voices? There’s a little good news for that.

The House of Representatives, in fact, is working on a bill prohibiting videoke sessions beyond 10PM. Or specifically, “the use of sing-along and other sound amplifying equipment”.

Called House Bill 1035, also known as “An Act Prohibiting the use of Videoke/Karaoke systems and Other Sound Amplifying Equipment that Cause Unnecessary Disturbance to the Public within the Residential Areas, and Providing Penalties Therefor” (yes, the title is THAT long), aims to reduce disturbance by having a 50-feet distance of operating sound amplifying equipment-which include radios, CD players, television sets, amplified musical instruments, and loudspeakers. In addition, the proposed bill imposes an 8PM to 10PM timeframe for operating such equipment.

Those who violate the ordinance would face either a Php 1,000 fine or up to six months of imprisonment.

While the bill is being discussed in Congress, additional provisions are being suggested, which includes designation of videoke-approved areas and sound-proofing requirements. We are hoping that Congress makes this bill a reality soon enough.



Source: Inquirer

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  1. Kasama ba diyan yung mga nagpapasyon kapag holy week? In the old days naman wala naman loudspeaker system, di ko maintindihan kung bakit ngayon kailangan nilang ibroadcast ng pagkalakas-lakas.

  2. Maliit ang fine. Babalewalain lang yan. Make it 10k para hindi nila magawa. Kapitbahay ko kasi, pag may bday sa kanila, magdamag kantahan. Pati bday ng aso nila, may kantahan pa rin. Sakit sa tenga.

  3. I second the demotion for a 10k fine and if sasabihin na kumpare nila ang barangay captain or si mayor, even the said official should be fined 10k. said fine must go to the coffers of the barangay and paid in cash and not installments. Kaya nila magingay so kaya nila mag bayad.

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