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OpenSignal Releases March 2018 State of PH Mobile Networks Report

Featuring the same trends in OpenSignal’s September 2017 report

OpenSignal has released its first report for 2018 on the state of Philippine Mobile Networks on March 14. Their latest report, which is based on a sample period between November 2, 2017, to January 31, 2018, concluded with similar findings from their September 2017 report. These include Smart having faster LTE speeds, with Globe offering a wider LTE coverage.

On a per category basis, Smart boasts of a 12.45Mbps 4G download speeds, up from 9.87Mbps from the September 2017 report. Globe, on the other hand, has a slight increase in its 4G download speeds at 7.69Mbps (compared to 7.48Mbps in the September 2017 report).


When it comes to overall download speeds, Smart has a 5.78Mbps download speed (up from 4.16Mbps), making it superior over Globe’s 4.41Mbps download speed (up from 3.82Mbps).


As for 4G availability, Globe remains in the lead at 67.46% (up from 62.59%). Smart, on the other hand, is catching up at 59.68% (up from 52.71%).

Expect all these figures to improve with OpenSignal’s next report as both telecom companies are ramping up efforts in improving their services to their customers.

You can read the full report here.

Full Disclosure: Carlo Ople, our founder and EIC, is currently working as a VP for PLDT/Smart.


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