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You Can Now Keep Your Mobile Number When You Switch Telcos

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The act has finally been signed into law

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the Mobile Number Portability Act or Republic Act No 11202 into law, which finally allows consumers to keep their mobile number even if they decide to switch carriers.

The act was signed on Feb. 8 and basically states that telecommunications companies should allow their subscribers to keep their numbers completely free of charge, even if they go to another company/competitor.

Under the law, telcos should be able to completely port over numbers from one company to another in 48 hours, or face steep penalties.

A company is fined Php 10,000 when a mobile number isn’t performed on time, but was nonetheless delivered by the company in question on or before the complaint was filed.

If the number was not ported by the fifth time, they will be fined up to Php 1 million and their franchise to operate will be revoked if the mobile number portability is “unjustly refused even after mediation.”

The National Telecommunications Commission was also authorized by the law to award up to P40,000 per subscriber for damages.


John Nieves

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  1. The 1st 4 digits are exclusive of a telco. That can not be retained. Telcos are applying for those 1st 4 digits for a big sum to be their exclusivity and identity. Furthermore, the 1st 4 digits act as a telco code just like an area code to a landline.

    Questions are, (1) how will they port the entire 11 digit to another telco? Reprogramming the system is a major work that can not be done in a short time. (2) why is this govt so eagerly wanted this law passed when most people dont care much to retain their old number if they switch telcos?

    And as i see it, only postpaid plans are affected by this law. Thus making this law a bit less useful.

  2. PREPAID MOBILE NUMBER REGISTRATION i think, is a much better thing to prioritize so as to avoid criminal activities or solve crimes. But retaining mobile numbers when changing networks is a treat too since you won’t be needing to update all your contact infos on all your accounts.

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