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YouTube Is Joining the Fight Against Fake News

The Fight Against Fake News Rages On

Like Hulkamania did in the 80’s, fake news sites have been increasingly running wild on us in the past several years; prompting Google and Facebook to create ways to tag fallacious websites in order for people to take the content written there with a grain of salt or at least lead them to check facts. It looks like Google is planning to ramp up their program in the UK with a help of their video streaming arm, YouTube, and a handful of their local content creators.

On April 21, YouTube started their day-long program where they would hold workshops for teens and help them check facts on news items they may come across, as well as: dealing with hate speech and using reporting tools responsibly. They plan to visit other youth clubs around the UK in the months to come.

While this may be a drop in the bucket in the fight against fake news on a global scale, it certainly is a good start and leveraging prominent content creators a great way to get the message across.

We only wish that we would have more programs like this in the Philippines as well.



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