10 Awesome Gaming Chairs On SALE Right Now!

Do your back a big favor with these chairs

With the majority of us investing in a good work-from-home setup, it is also important to include a good computer chair as well. Aside from giving you style points, a good computer chair will do big favors to your back and posture, especially when you have to work long hours.

If you are having a hard time finding the right chair for you, we curated 10 picks, ranging from under Php 5k for budget-friendly ones to under Php 25k for the premium models. Check them out below:

AFFORDABLE OPTION: Phliplus Computer chair – Php 4,990 (from Php 7,890)

Looking for a decent computer for under Php 5k? This chair from Phliplus is on sale with a sub-Php 5k price tag, making it one of the cheapest-yet-decent computer chairs you can buy right now.

Get this gaming chair here.


MASSIVE PRICE CUT – NOY Leather Gaming Chair – Php 5,199 (from Php 13,999)

If you want premium materials (read: leather) for your gaming chair, Noy’s offering has a massive 63% price cut, making their leather gaming chair much more affordable at a sub-Php 5k price tag.

Get this gaming chair here.

FLASH SALE: Motida Computer chair – Php 5,299 (from Php 9,998)

A well-padded computer chair need not be expensive. In fact, Motida’s offering also comes with a reclining footrest so that your legs can relax while you chill around with your games (or streams if you are into that).

Get this gaming chair here.


SALE: IKER Computer chair – Php 5,890 (From Php 6,590)

If you want diverse color and configuration options, you should check out Iker’s offerings. You can choose between steel and nylon legs, with or without footrest, and different color combinations.

Get this gaming chair here.


ALMOST OUT OF STOCK: Dragon Star 88 Gaming Chair – Php 7,499

If pink is your thing (yes, there are dudes who LOVE pink), this is the most affordable pink gaming chair you can get. Its pink and white motif will definitely stand out in any home office setup!

Get this gaming chair here.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Drakon DK706 Gaming Chair – Php 7,688 (From Php10,000)

If you have a Razer-themed setup consisting of green and black, this gaming chair from Drakon is the perfect fit. Its dominant black color with bright green accents makes it ideal for anyone flexing a Razer-themed set up for their home office.

Get this gaming chair here.

PRICEY BUT COMFT AF: Sharkoon Skiller SGS2 – Php 10,440

Sharkoon makes value for money gaming chairs and their Skiller SGS2 offers value for money with its ergonomics and its use of breathable fabric instead of synthetic leather. This makes it easier to maintain, as you can use most common household cleaning agents to keep it pristine.

Get this gaming chair here.


ALMOST OUT OF STOCK: Gamdias Achilles E1 Gaming Chair – Php 10,800

Gamdias is a familiar brand when it comes to gaming PC accessories, and their Achilles E1 gaming chair has a good design while keeping a competitive price point. It comes with adjustable RGB lighting on the headrest so that you can live up with that all-RGB life.

Get this gaming chair here.


MAXIMUM COMFORT: COUGAR Ranger Gaming Sofa Recliner – Php 10,999

A gaming chair that looks more like a La-Z-boy!? Yes, this sofa (not chair) from Cougar is a cozy choice if you are the type that is very chill when it comes to games. It also reclines too, so you can relax after hours of using the computer!

Get this gaming chair here.



FOR THE HAYWARD FANS: AutoFull GH Signature chair – Php 24,880 (from Php 29,999)

Aside from basketball, NBA star Gordon Hayward is also a gamer, which is not surprising why he endorsed this Xiaomi-backed gaming chair from Autofull. This gaming chair is premium to the core with its use of top-quality cowhide leather and that cool GH logo.

Get this gaming chair here.

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