1TB Storage is Coming to MicroSD Cards

But you’ll have to pay a hefty price for it

With more and more devices capable of shooting 4K (or even 8K) videos, the demand for storage is greater. Some would choose to bring multiple, smaller cards, but there are those who want cards with big capacities for longer recording times.

While we have seen the first 512GB MicroSD cards last year, manufacturers like Sandisk decided to double that for this year, making them one of the first to unveil a 1TB MicroSD card. Yes guys: ONE TERABYTE IN A TINY CARD.

Sandisk’s offering, which is under their Extreme line, has a maximum read speed of 160MB/s and maximum write speeds of 90MB/s—decent numbers for those who will be doing a lot of 4K video. However, with the unveiling of the microSD Express standard, those numbers are low: the newly-unveiled standard offers NVMe-like speeds of up to 985MB/s.

The price for such a big storage in a tiny card is $449.99(~Php 23.5k), which is far more expensive than buying four 256GB MicroSD cards. But then, if you need that much space for a single card, this is your best solution right now.


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  1. I guess we need to wait first for phone manufactures to support 1tb as most of them could only accept 256 gb and a few 512 gb. Heck, im using 128 gb and i cant seem to max it out, but its good for us to be prepared, right?.

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