2 Good External Battery Packs for your mobile phones

Typhoon Pedring caused a lot of problems in the Philippines. Other than the different accidents and floods, over 1.5M homes lost power! No power means no charging of phones, laptops, or other electronic gadgets. I saw several people on Twitter complaining that they were about to run out of battery despite having a full charge before the electricity got cut. That’s only natural considering they’re probably using smartphones with 3G enabled and their usage is higher compared to regular days. I had no problems with low battery because I was fortunate enough to have two mobile battery packs for my phones. Let me just recommend them to everyone since I just saw on the news that there’s a possibility of more typhoons coming in this week.

MiPow Power Tube Universal Charger

MiPow Power Tube Universal Charger

Available for Php1,999. Very small form factor but it packs a lot of juice. It also has different adaptors for various phones. I used this already for my iPhone 4, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Samsung. It works pretty well! Click here for more information about the product.

MiLi Power Star

MiLi Power Star

The MiLi Power Star is compatible with phones that have mini-USB ports. This includes phones from BlackBerry, HTC, and even the Smart Netphone. This sells for Php1,795. Click here for more info about the MiLi Power Star.

External battery packs for mobile phones should be in everyone’s disaster kit. That extra 100% is priceless especially in times of crisis.

Carlo Ople

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