2011 MacBook Air

Kinda feel bad for those who bought the 2010 MacBook Air, lol!

Apple just launched Mac OS X Lion and along with it they also announced a refresh of the highly successful MacBook Air. The base 11″ model now has the following specs: 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 64GB Flash Storage, 2GB Memory, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Thunderbolt I/O, and a backlit keyboard. It has the same exterior design so your accessories for the 2010 MacBook Air will be compatible with this one.

How much? The entry level model with the specs that I mentioned above sells for Php49,990. The price goes up as you upgrade the machine with better specs. If you’re interested in ordering online here’s a link to the Apple PH Online Store. If you don’t want to wait just head on over to the nearest Mac Reseller. They probably have this already available by tomorrow morning.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Isn’t 1.6 GHz just terribly slow for games? That makes the Air more showoff than sense. You can get an Acer laptop with the same specs for cheaper if all you need to do is write documents and surf the web.

  2. The Air is not meant for gaming. But reliability wise, I’ll stick with a Mac. I’m a Mac user for 6 years though. And I’m very satisfied with it’s quality. By the way, I also own a Windows Notebook and Desktop. 🙂

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