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3 Awesome Things About the Edge of the Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 Edge: Premium, Elegant, and Gorgeous

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is currently priced at a premium. With an SRP going over Php40,000 for the base 32GB model, it’s pretty much out of reach for a lot of Pinoy techies. Those who are willing to shell out the cash for it though are rewarded with one of the most beautifully crafted mobile devices ever made. That is mostly thanks to the curved edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge’s screen.

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The Edge Screen though is not all fluff (well mostly, hehe). Samsung tried their best to incorporate functional features that a user would actually appreciate. Based on our time with the Galaxy S6 Edge so far the most subtle enhancements are the best while the hyped and functional ones are so-so. Read on.

1. Scrolling on the Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge PH b

Samsung has got to talk about this particular use of the Edge Screen because so far it’s the one we like the most!

Usually when a smartphone user scrolls on his or her phone, they use their thumb and they go up and down the center of the screen. This blocks the content a bit from full view. With the Galaxy S6 Edge you can scroll up and down along the edges of your device which gives you the full view of the content you’re looking at. It also feels so much more natural.

2. On-screen and Off-screen Aesthetics

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge PH a

The Edge screen gives an illusion that the content you’re swiping out and to the screen is coming from underneath the bezel. This goes very well with the swiping dynamics of Android Lollipop and even to a certain extent, TouchWiz. It’s not a groundbreaking feature that will change the face of consumer electronics but it’s… just so pretty, hehe.

2. People Edge & Night Clock

Lastly we have the ACTUAL functional features that Samsung is advertising. The only two features worth writing about are People Edge and Night Clock.

With People Edge you can put up to 5 contacts within one swipe away of your home screen. From here you can easily call, text, or e-mail them. The color coding thing is not really useful. It only comes to play when your phone is face down and one of your assigned contacts calls you. When they do the edge of your display will light up depending on the color assigned to them.

But seriously — who wants to put this gorgeous piece of tech face down on the table?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge PH d

Next is Night Clock. You assign a 12-hour time span where the edge of the phone minimally lights up to show the clock and certain notifications. It won’t drain battery too much and you still get visibility on the important stuff while you’re in bed without having to completely turn on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge PH c

The other two features, Information Stream (super hard to use and very un-intuitive) and the color-coded light up edge (as explained above) thing are both crappy gimmicks.

Over-all the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge really isn’t a practical choice for a daily driver smartphone. It’s more like an expensive piece of jewelry. The craftsmanship behind this piece of tech is just outstanding. That said, you don’t really need it. BUT if you super want it and you can afford it, then go get it.

If you’re the more practical sort you might want to settle for the more affordable Samsung Galaxy S6 (Read: 3 Solid Reasons Why to Pick the Galaxy S6 Over the Galaxy S6 Edge).

PS: The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are both available via Smart’s postpaid plans. Smart is offering much more data with their plans (5GB) so it’s definitely worth the look. 🙂

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