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3 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 4 Users Shouldn’t Rush to Get the S6/S6 Edge

The Note 4 is still a BEAST of a flagship
The Note 4 is still a BEAST of a flagship

No need to rush an upgrade

Right now there’s a frenzy over the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. If you visit a Samsung store in the malls you’ll see people crowding the display stations playing around with Samsung’s newest flagship. In fact during our conversation with several sales associates of Samsung at their store in Megamall, they all mentioned that they’ve never seen so much excitement from their customers.

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However not everyone should really upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. While it’s sleek, sezzy, and oozing with appeal, it will still boil down to the over-all user experience. Based on our reviews we can confidently say that last year’s flagships are still very competitive, and in some ways even superior.

Take for example the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you love the Note 4 we absolutely don’t see any reason to jump on the bandwagon to get the Galaxy S6 or the S6 Edge. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should stick it out.

The S6/S6 Edge Felt Small

Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy S6 Edge

When we first got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, our first reaction to it was that we thought it was kinda… small. This is probably since we’ve been using phablet-sized devices for years now. Coming from the Galaxy Note 4 (5.7-inch Display), the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge (5.1-inch Display) just left us wanting.

Woohoo! Sarap kaya mag COC sa malaking screen, hehe
Woohoo! Sarap kaya mag COC sa malaking screen, hehe

As you all know, the display is one of the most important things in a mobile device. The size of the screen that you need depends on your usage habits. If you’re accustomed already to phablets like us, wherein the phone is more of a media and entertainment machine just as much as it is a communications device, the bigger display is critical. If you haven’t been using the Note 4 much for media consumption and gaming though then the S6/S6 Edge might be a good option since it’s so much lighter and easier to hold.

The Note 4 Will Eventually Get the Latest TouchWiz Software

It's going to get Android 5.0 soon
It’s going to get Android 5.0 soon

Another reason to stick to your Note 4 is that you will get Android Lollipop TouchWiz on your device later on. It’s not exclusive to just the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. We can also hope for more improvements on the S-Pen experience and usability.

The Note 4 Has Fast Charging and an Interchangeable Battery/micro SD Card

And last, but definitely not the least, you can still slap on a microSD card on the Note 4 for all of your videos and movies. You can also change out the battery if you’re running out of juice. Heck if you don’t want to, the Note 4 also has fast charging (but not as fast as the Galaxy S6 though this is to be confirmed in our review).

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So there you have it folks. If you’re a Note 4 user it’s likely that you have the smartphone habits and needs of a phablet user. This means you put a premium on bigger displays because you use it as a media consumption device just as much as for communications. That said you can probably skip the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and go straight for the Note 5 later this year when it becomes unveiled at IFA in September.

To end this post here’s the first hands-on video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when it came out last year by our Editor-at-Large, John Nieves.

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Unbox.ph. During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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  1. I agree with you Sir Carlo. In terms of functionality di parin madadaig ang Note 4. This being biased also heheheh been a Note 4 user for a while now i don’t see saan nakaka lamang ang S6 at S6 edge except na super ganda nya tignan. But my Note 4 is still a looker so dirin naman cguro xa kulelat sa looks.

  2. it’s a good thing this article specifies the Note 4 users rather than generalizing all other users

    my personal opinion on reasons not to buy Galaxy S6/S6 edge:
    1. if you don’t have the money. duh.
    2. if you have use for a removable battery: if you actually find yourself changing batteries in the middle of the day. typically after 3 years, mahihirapan ka nang maghanap ng replacement battery sa phone mo so the difference between a removable and non-removable battery hardly matters here.
    3. if you actually use the microSD slot

    1. Thanks for the comment Kurimaw. Among the reasons you shared, #1 yung pinaka important, hehe. May kilala ako umuutang para lang makabili ng iPhone each time lumalabas yung bagong version. Medyo sad. :/

  3. I do agree on everything that has been said here, but one point is till missing out, and that would be the price point right now for the note 4, and I really have to say the note 4 is much more cheaper than it was before(obviously haha!) and also when the S6 and S6 edge came out. better to buy note 4 than S6 or S6 edge

    1. There’s only one reason why I won’t buy a Note 4:

      It’s just too big for my pocket. But if you’re the type who usually just holds their phone outside their pockets or brings a purse/bag and place their phones inside it then it shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. Functionality and style. I think the Note 4 still has it. I even think it’s more worth for the money than the S6 and S6 Edge. Let’s see what the Note 5 has in store for us. Another design overhaul I guess?

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