4 Nice Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Awesome Cases for the Galaxy S6 Edge
Awesome Cases for the Galaxy S6 Edge

Cases for Galaxy S6 Edge

While cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 have already flooded the market, there are only a few really good ones for the Galaxy S6 Edge. This is understandable given the unique design of the S6 Edge which probably made it a little harder for the third party manufacturers to make cases for them. For those on the hunt we rounded up 4 nice options that you can pick from. Check them out below!

Crystal Mix (Php1,060)

While this is the simplest among all the cases we’ve tried, this is actually one of our favorites. The Crystal Mix by Verus has a flexible band along the sides and a hard slim-fit back cover. It actually comes in different colors (pink, mint, black, etc.) but our the clear one (transparent) was our top pick. This case gives decent protection, minimal bulk, and still manages to show off the beauty of the Galaxy S6 Edge. This is a solid pick folks. We highly recommend it.

Original Samsung Leather Back Case (Php990-Php1,200)

Next we have the original Samsung leather back case. It’s a snap-on back case that protects the corner edges and the back but leaves the sides totally exposed. This case is really more for style than actualy protection. It looks beautiful though especially if you get the one that matches the color of your Galaxy S6 Edge.

Hard Drop (Php1,120)

The Verus Hard Drop features a slim and form-fitting hard shell case that offers all-around great protection for the Galaxy S6 Edge. It has an inner shock absorption pattern with extra padded corners as well to minimize potential damage by drops and bumps. Best thing about it is that it doesn’t turn your S6 Edge into a hulky tank.

Crayon Slim (Php1,270)

For the flip cover fanatics out there we have the Verus Crayon Slim. This is actually one of the nicest flip covers you can get because it offers style, protection, and functionality in a slim case. First we have the 100% premium soft PU leather which comes in different colors (ours is brown). It doesn’t look or feel cheap at all. Inside we have card slots in the inner flap and the case itself where you slot in your Galaxy S6 Edge. The Crayon Slim also features a kickstand feature which will allow you to watch video comfortably.

So there you have it! Our first top 4 picks for cases of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Will do another post like this in the next few weeks as we get more cases to review.

How about you guys? What cases would you recommend for your Galaxy S6 Edge?

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