4G No More: Xiaomi to Focus on 5G Phones and Preliminary Research on 6G Networks

Xiaomi strongly believes that 5G (and 6G) is the future

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Xiaomi launched several phones around the globe. Among the many phones it has launched, the Redmi 10X is the most interesting as Xiaomi is aggressively promoting 5G devices at a much lower price point. With this move, it is clear for the brand: Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun revealed in an interview by Xinhua that it will stop making 4G smartphones in China by the end of 2020.

In the said interview, Jun explained that the best way to increase investment in the economy is by focusing on new infrastructures like 5G. To improve on the development on 5G, Jun explained that they have to explore more application scenarios for a wider rollout. Current applications for 5G include ultra-high-definition videoconferencing, high bandwidth and low latency networks, and autonomous driving. Even if the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Xiaomi’s overall production of 5G devices, Jun remains confident that the Chinese tech giant will be able to push through with more 5G devices in the coming months.

Aside from 5G, Xiaomi is beginning research on 6G and satellite internet, though parameters about 6G networks have yet to be set.


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