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5 Awesome Gaming Swag You Can Buy From PC Express’ Massive Sale


If you’re a PC gamer that wants to nab stocking stuffers for cheap this holiday season, we have good news: local IT retailer PC Express will be conducting a massive sale this coming payday, with deals up to 90%. Obviously this is fantastic news for people looking to add legit gaming swag to their PC, and we’ve gone through the list of items that any PC gamer would love to add to their rig.


Logitech G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse

Everybody needs an extra edge these days, especially with newly released shooters like Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. If you think your potato aim is caused by your old, crappy A4Tech generic mouse, you can grab yourself Logitech’s awesome G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse for just Php 2,000, a 56% reduction from its Php 4,540 retail price. The G9X features a thoroughly customizable experience, with separate grips and weights that allow you to tune the mouse to your gaming preference.


SteelSeries 7G Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If there was any justice in the world, all keyboards would be mechanical keyboards. There’s nothing like feeling the crisp actuation of mechanical switches as you type and game. If you’re looking to get a leg up on your competition (and drive anybody within earshot crazy with all the clacking on your keys as you game) you might want to take a look at the
SteelSeries 7G Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, which is currently discounted at just Php 2,750 from Php 5,940 – a 54% reduction of the usual SRP.


Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20

Getting a decent set of speakers for your home gaming rig? Why don’t you grab the Sound BlasterAXX SBX 20 instead of the usual cans? The Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20 can be connected to your phone or gaming notebook via Bluetooth, and can take calls as well. What’s cool with the Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20 is the fact that it automatically adjusts its volume when you’re watching a movie, so that the volume of subdued dialouge is automatically increased, and loud explosions and shootouts are automatically toned down, so you don’t wake the entire house when you’re watching movies late at night. The Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20 is priced at Php 6,000, down from its original price of Php 11,880, a savings of 49%.


Razer BlackShark Over Ear Noise Isolating PC Gaming Headset

If you’re not a fan of speakers and want to keep all of your gaming isolated to a pair of earphones instead, you can grab Razer’s BlackShark Over Ear Noise Isolating PC Gaming Headset. Razer touts the BlackShark’s design as being modeled after actual headsets worn by aviators in warzones, which translates to better comfort during long periods of use. The detachable boom microphone allows use of the BlackShark outside of gaming. The BlackShark is priced at Php 3,200, which is down from its original price of Php 6,050.


Zalman Z11 Plus Case

Upgrading your rig? Why not make a statement with your case. The Zalman Z11 Plus will give your build that extra zing. It has dust filters on the top and bottom to keep your internals dust-free, and features tool-free installation of HDDs. There’s holes in the case just in case you go the liquid cooling route as well. The Zalman Z11 Plus is priced at just Php 1,800.

This is just a few of the stuff that’s on sale come November 15. The sale will run until the 20th of November, and happens at PCExpress’ office in Shaw Bouleverad. You can check out the Facebook event here, and the full price list of items on sale here.

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