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5 Things We Like About Huawei’s P20 Pro

It pushes the boundaries of mobile photography

It’s been a week since we were handed a P20 Pro to test out since its launch in Paris, France and we’re still swooning over Huawei’s flagship. The P20 Pro has a lot of things going for it, and is definitely not a one trick pony. Here’s five things we really like about Huawei’s new flagship, things to keep in mind when you’re considering getting one:

Aside from Black, the color options are eye-catching

Huawei isn’t a company that’s afraid of experimenting with striking colors on their phones, but they’ve really gone above and beyond with the P20 Pro. Almost every color option that’s available for the phone (aside from the requisite boring Black) looks fantastic. Our review unit was in Midnight Blue, and you’ll also be able to grab one in Pink Gold as well. But if you really wanted to stand out, you’ll be fighting tooth and nail to get the P20 Pro in Twilight, a new gradient pattern that looks out of this world.

Notch on
Notch off

You can turn that annoying notch off

Personally, I’m not a notch guy. While I understand the necessity of having a notch on phones, I find it annoying and distracting on otherwise pleasantly large displays. That’s why I was so happy to learn that you can sort of turn off the notch on the P20 Pro via software. Sure, you can make the argument that it’s still there, just flanked by black bars but that’s better than being distracted by the cutout at the top of the display.

3x and 5x zoom is insanely useful

Having the ability to switch to 3x and even 5x zoom on a smartphone was insanely useful while we were out and about in Paris. It’s difficult to capture the minute detail that’s present in the architecture surrounding Paris with a regular phone. Not with the P20 Pro – with it we were able to capture details present in buildings like Musée de l’Armée and in Musée du Louvre. The detail on the zoomed in photos look so good, you wouldn’t event notice that the 5x hybrid zoom was a mix of software and hardware.

The image quality is out of this world

It seems like every year imaging benchmark DxOMark announces that a new smartphone has topped its imaging chart. We were a little skeptical of the P20 Pro’s ranking, but all of our doubts disappeared once we saw the images produced by the camera. Details were clear and the phone had no trouble getting the best image possible even in challenging low-light and backlit situations. There’s really no other way to say it: Huawei’s P20 Pro produces photos that are better than what’s available in the market today.

AI processing makes everything better

Huawei’s AI ambitions first came to light with the announcement of the Kirin 970 processor and the Mate 10 family of phones, but it seems that its finally come of age with the P20 Pro. Aside from being able to boost the color and saturation levels of your smartphone to take the best shot of whatever you’re pointing it at, the P20 Pro’s AI-assisted image stabilization technology allows you to take amazing night photos without needing to use a tripod.

The Huawei P20 Pro Has The Biggest Sensor In A Smartphone

The Huawei P20 Pro Has The Biggest Sensor In A Smartphone

The Huawei P20 Pro Has The Biggest Sensor In A Smartphone

The Huawei P20 Pro Has The Biggest Sensor In A Smartphone




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