Accutone Pisces Digital In-Ear Headset

Premium Earphones from Accutone!

Accutone Pisces In-Ear Headset

When it comes to audio equipment there are different types of preferences. Some people prioritize sound quality and they don’t mind bringing around a portable amplifier like the FiiO E6 together with good headphones. There are others though who really don’t want to invest in their gear and just treat music as some sort of white noise when they’re in the office. A growing group though are the people who want to strike a balance. They want quality earphones that are easy to bring around, multi-functional, and stylish. There are only a few products that are currently in this segment today and a good one to consider is the Accutone Pisces Digital In-Ear Headset.

Stellar design, nice sound quality, comes with accessories, has an in-line remote control with microphone, and is still in an acceptable price range. What more can you ask for?

Comes with a leather carrying pouch and extra ear tips. This should be standard already in all earphones being sold for Php3,000!

Packaging has a very premium feel. I love how they nestled the earphones in the gray foam bed. Looks stunning from any angle.

So what about sound quality? We’ve been using this for the last few days and the Accutone Pisces Digital In-Ear Headset delivers clear, crisp, and detailed audio. The bass is just right, not too much, which makes it an enjoyable sound signature that will appeal to almost everyone.

Pricing and Availability

The Accutone Pisces Digital In-Ear Headset retails for Php4,500. It’s now available in various Apple Reseller stores as well as branches of Astrovision and Astroplus. I saw several units on display at Astrovision Vmall so you guys might want to go there to check it out.

Looks like Jays finally has a challenger here in the Philippines! Looking forward to seeing more high-end products from Accutone.

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