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Acer Jade Primo: Smartphone that Turns into a Full PC When Docked

acer jade primo unbox 22

Literally a PC in your Pocket

Acer made several major announcements for their Predator gaming line-up of gadgets during their event in IFA at Berlin, Germany. However the one that stood out the most for us was non-gaming related. It was the new Acer Jade Primo, a Windows 10 smartphone that when docked and connected to a monitor can function as a Windows 10 PC! That’s definitely impressive tech and it’s something that’s worth monitoring as the months go by.

If you want to see the actual announcement, check out the video below. Jump to 22:33.

In terms of specifications, it will be powered by a Qualcomm 808 Snapdragon Processor and it will sport a 5.5 Super AMOLED display. It will also have a 21-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash.

No word yet on pricing or availability.

Carlo Ople

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  1. It was barely a week or two ago when I said the mini PC niche is dead on arrival and that it’s only a matter of time before major manufacturers start selling phones that can double as a PC. Never in my wildest dreams it would be this soon.

    Anyway, Microsoft announced something like this a few months back was in the works. naunahan pa sila ng iba. Which goes to show the inadequacy of that company (and American engineering in general.) Hopefully Google will ditch that stupid chrome book thing as this phone is embraced by the market.

  2. Microsoft should stop building phones and just go back to its roots as a software company. Just bundle Windows with everything and reclaim the market it lost to Google and Android.

  3. FYI. The technology being showed here is made by Microsoft, it’s called Windows Continuum. Acer just implemented it by making a capable phone.

      1. Wrong! According to Microsoft only new phones will be able to take advantage of the Continuum feature.
        Maybe it requires a certain spec or hardware? The dock is also a key part of it.

    1. And it would have been a boost for Microsoft publicity-wise if they themselves made the first Continuum phone. Walang silbi ang pagbili nila ng Nokia kung iba pa ang me kakayahang gumawa ng hardware.

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