Acer Predator’s New Gaming Chair has a Built-in Massager

And it also has Bluetooth speakers

Acer’s Predator gaming sub-brand made a statement when it comes to accessories after unveiling the Thronos gaming cockpit in 2018. Predator launched a more affordable Thronos Air last year, and Acer is back again with an unusual concept with its Predator Gaming Chair.

Made in partnership with OSIM, this seemingly ordinary gaming chair (if you compare it to the Thronos) has a unique feature. With OSIM at the helm, the Predator Gaming Chair has V-Hand Massage Technology, which emulates a professional massage on the neck, shoulders, and back. The chair comes with a number of massage options to choose from to ensure gamers a comfortable and relaxing experience while slaying virtual enemies for countless hours. Controlling the massage feature is done through the buttons on the right armrest.

As a gaming chair, it offers a recline of up to 145 degrees, along with two Bluetooth speakers on the headrest so gamers can do away with gaming headsets. The gaming chair is premium all throughout with black carbon fiber patterned PVC leather paired with metallic dark gray and teal accents.

Acer has yet disclosed the official price of the Predator Gaming Chair, but given that it is made in partnership with OSIM, expect to pay a huge amount for this chair that doubles as a massager.

Oh, and in case you have the Thronos Air, you can add the Predator Gaming Chair to the mix so that you have a cool gaming cockpit that offers soothing massages while playing your favorite games.

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