Acer’s Switch Alpha 12 Has Liquid Cooling Inside


No, it’s not a gaming machine

ASUS made waves when they announced their GX700VO gaming notebook that had liquid cooling capabilities a few months ago, and it didn’ta take long for their domestic rival Acer to come out with a liquid-cooled machine of their own. But instead of a gaming notebook, Acer’s Switch Alpha 12 is a more practical convertible PC.


Instead of cooling a monster CPU and GPU, Acer’s taken to liquid cooling to reduce the overall thickness of the Alpha 12, since there’s no longer a need for a fan to keep the device’s sixth generation Intel Core processor cool. That processor family runs the 12-inch , 1260 x 1440 resolution display on the Alpha 12.


The device has a kickstand integrated in the display/body, and comes with a detachable keyboard. You can also get an optional stylus pen to help you sketch out your next masterpiece.

The Switch Alpha 12 is set to retail for $599 (Php 27.8K) without taxes and duties.

John Nieves

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