Active Case Promises Increased Battery Life, Better Signal for the iPhone 4/4S

Active Case for the iPhone 4/4S!

Case with no battery pack that promises batter battery life

Here’s another product from GLOTOP Corp., the Active Case+. What’s interesting about this accessory is that despite the “better battery life” claim, it actually doesn’t have a battery pack on it, lol. The case helps you get more out of your iPhone 4/4S because it has a built-in chip that helps strengthen the iPhone’s antena. This results to less power consumption which means longer battery life (GLOTOP says up to 30%) and better signal quality. That’s definitely a big promise and hopefully in the next few days we can confirm this with a review. For now, check out the photos we took of the case below. It’s actually a very nice-looking case! Don’t forget to read the captions!

The Secret Sauce? An Embedded RF Module

I’m not sure if you can see it in this photo but there’s a silvery thing at the bottom of the case.

So how does the Active Case increase battery life and strengthen your signal? They embedded an RF module which is supposed to improve the sensitivity of the iPhone antenna. Coolness.

Other materials used: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and rubber lining
Definitely looks awesome! Love the Black-Yellow color combo

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What the back looks like

Just like the Swing Ball, there’s no SRP yet. If you want now though you can give GLOTOP Corp. a call at (02) 550-1377? or 0917-3585593. You can also inquire via their website.

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