AKG K518 Limited Edition

The AKG K 518 LE headphones are fashionable, stable (very secure fit), and has balanced sound quality. Several bloggers actually have said that SQ is much more favorable for techno/electro music. It produces thumpy, full, and punchy bass. The only consistent complaint we’ve seen for this model is that it’s a bit too tight and it can be uncomfortable to wear after a few hours.

Comes in 7 colors. SRP according to distributors is Php5,490. However there’s been talk going around that Audiophile sells them for Php3,500 so you might want to check there first if you’re really interested in these cans.

Carlo Ople

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  1. audiophile as was confirmed from the harman consumer office offers gray market units taken from B-stocks pile (could be repaired, refurbished or returned units etc.), thus doesnt offer full 2 year warranty AKG offers to its valuable clients.

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