AKG Q701 Headphone (Quincy Jones)

AKG Q701 now available in the Philippines!

AKG Q701 now in the Philippines

Quincy Jones is a multi-awarded record producer and musician. He has a total of 79 Grammy Award nominations (wow), 27 Grammys, and a Grammy Legend Award. One of his best works is producing Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. These are just a few of the accolades that he has under his belt. That’s why when it was announced that there would be an AKG – Quincy Jones collaboration I was “thrilled”! On one hand we have one of the most trusted and respected audio gear manufacturers and on the other you have a legendary producer and musician. This has got to sound better than earphones with Justin Bieber’s face on ’em!

The AKG Q701 headphone is the result of that partnership. These cans exemplify superb sound quality, comfort, and stylish design that AKG is known for with their products. Here are some reviews I found online of the Q701:

From Hawkinsman07 on the Head-fi forums:

The Q701 chops up every type of music and serves it on a silver platter, even when the music is best when thrown in your face. Grado is known for being “in your face” type of rock headphones. These are true monitoring headphones to listen on what is happening in the studio.

From Cnet UK:

The 701s claim to be premium reference headphones, so we expected some serious audio delights to ripple through our brains. Thankfully, we weren’t disappointed. Vanessa Carlton’s beautiful Home was reproduced with such excellent clarity that we came over all romantic and proposed marriage to her via email. She hasn’t replied yet.

Pricing and Availability

I saw several units of the AKG Q701 on display at the JBL Acoustical Space in SM Megamall (Cyberzone). They probably also have some stock in their Fort Bonifacio branch. It sells for Php25,990.

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