Alienware M11x gaming laptop (Intel Core i7)

A decade ago no one would have imagined that such a small machine can pack so much power. The Alienware M11x gaming laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia Optimus technology, and it’s just 11-inches. The Nvidia GeForce GT 335M video card has 1GB of HD graphics which will just make games look much better compared to playing it on your low-mid range desktop. This is literally a gaming rig that you can bring around with you anywhere you go. With Turbo Boost, you can overclock beyond the standard specs to be able to reach a better gaming experience.

Available in either “stealth black” or “lunar shadow” colors, the Alienware M11x weights 4.4 pounds. It can ship with Windows 7 OS (64-bit).

This is no cheap machine though. Getting a brand new i7 model will set you back a whopping P77,999.

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Carlo Ople

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  1. this is all brand added on top of existing laptops which are much cheaper. Lookup the Sager brand and its resellers like
    much cheaper, and same specs or better

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