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Always Stay Connected Whatever Happens With SmartSAT

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Sattelite phones for people who want to stay in touch wherever they are

As awesome as modern technology is, there are places where regular phones give up the ghost, as far as connectivity goes. The simple fact of the matter is that not all corners of the Philippines (and even the globe) can be covered by cellular technology and if you’re stuck out in the boonies or the jungle, even Apple’s iPhone 6S won’t do you any good without a signal.


That’s where Smart’s SmartSAT service comes in. It’s essentially a satellite phone service aimed at people who need to be able to text and make calls wherever they are in the Philippines, and even the world. As long as there’s sky above you and a charge in your SmartSAT phone, you’ll be able to send calls and texts even in the middle of the ocean.

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The SmartSAT lineup includes three devices – the XT, plus the iPhone and Android SATSleeves. The XT is the entry-level phone in the series and is essentially a feature phone on steroids. The XT is a rugged phone that can resist drops of up a meter in height and has a talk time of up to six hours on a single charge.

The two other devices, the iPhone and Android SATSleeves are like cases that fit either an iPhone 5 (or 5s) and Samsung’s Galaxy S4. The sleeves have their own power packs (both are 2440mAh in size) that work independently from the phones. The devices connect via Bluetooth, and can utilize any other phone aside from the ones mentioned although you only get the cases for the two models. No matter what phone you choose, you will have to use a specialized SmartSAT SIM to use them.

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Obviously SmartSAT products are great for people who travel to remote locations like Seamen and is also a fantastic tool for NGOs and first responders who venture into disaster areas where communication is extremely challenging.

Both the XT and SatSleeve models have a retail price of Php 38,500. That price seems kind of steep, but Smart is including $225 worth of credits valid for 1 year and can be used for voice, text and data. The rates for the service is as follows:

  • Calls to PH (SMART/SUN/PLDT) $0.57
  • Calls to PH (other networks) $0.80

IDD Calls

  • Band 1 $0.57
  • Band 2 $0.80
  • Band 3 $1.15
  • Band 4 $3.45
  • Band 5 (catch all) $5.75
  • SMS (per 160 characters) $0.23
  • Data Rate $0.015/10Kb


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