Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon just announced through news wires their latest product — the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. Before I even get to the specs let’s talk about the price! This tablet packs a dual core processor, 7″ Gorilla Glass display, and it will retail for less than half of the Apple iPad. SRP is set at just $199, roughly Php8,600. Man! This thing will sell like hotcakes. Anyway, the device will have Android software (which means Android apps!) but Amazon has customized the user interface to make it more user-friendly and reflective of the Amazon brand. There tablet will be Wi-Fi enabled but it won’t have 3G connectivity. It also doesn’t have a camera or a microphone.

Amazon Prime

As an added bonus the tablet will come with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime. This is Amazon’s $79 per year membership product which will allow video streaming and two-day shipping for their products (not sure if this is applicable to the Philippines).

Amazon Silk

Another amazing feature is the Amazon Silk. This is split browser which results to faster browsing on your tablet. The labor of displaying the sites you browse is divided by the tablet and Amazon’s cloud technology. This is definitely a cool breakthrough in tablet computing.

Free Cloud Storage

One thing that will probably raise your eyebrow is the storage. The Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet will just have 8GB which isn’t a lot considering tablets these days have at least 16GB. That’s because Amazon is offering free cloud storage for all Amazon content that’s on your tablet. That means though you will have to subscribe to their services or buy your content from them.

Over-all I think the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet is a strong challenger to the dominant iPad. Only time (and sales) will tell though for sure. I’m positive though that they’ll make a huge killing come November and December since it’s holiday season.

The Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet will start shipping on November 15. Pre-orders on-going at the Amazon site.


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    Hmm..not yet in 3d..i hope they could come up with 3d kindle as other kindle have..otherwise is the new kindle in its colored mode..i hope the battery last the same as the b/w one..long for more review

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    If you read the specs it will not match the battery life of the e-ink Kindles at all. At most, 8 hours of continuous reading (but it may vary). Amazon stripped so many features in this tablet to make it affordable. Maybe in the future Amazon will offer more feature-packed device but right now this is not an iPad competitor.

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    Leng logged on my amazon prime account a few days ago just to see if the unlimited streaming videos worked outside the US. No luck.

    Also, their Amazon tablet sounds alot like Nook Color on steroids.

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    How will this Amazon tablet work in the Philippines? Thanks.

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    who needs 3d on their tablets or phones or computers? -_-

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