AMD Debuts Radeon RX5500 GPU Family

It aims to compete against NVIDIA’s GTX 1650

After unveiling the RX5700 series during E3 2019, AMD adds another GPU under its Radeon line with the RX5500 series. While it is based on AMD’s 7nm RDNA architecture, the RX5500 series is meant for playing AAA games at 60FPS in Full HD (the RX5700 is designed to handle 1440p gaming at 60FPS). The new GPU has a 1717Mhz base clock speed (1448Mhz for the RX5500m) and comes with up to 8GB of GDDR6 memory (4GB on the RX5500m).

AMD did not give any pricing for the RX5500 series since it will not produce any reference design—instead, the cards will be designed by its hardware partners. AMD is comparing the RX5500 to its own RX480 and team Green’s GTX1650, so expect the RX5500 to be priced anywhere between $149(~Php 7.8k) to $269(~Php 14k).

As for availability, MSI’s Alpha 15—which is slated for a late October release—will be one of the first computers to come with an RX5500m GPU.



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