AMOLED Displays Are Now Cheaper To Make Than LCD


Expect to see more phones using this tech in the future

While AMOLED displays popularized by Samsung looks great, they’re not exactly cheap to make which limits their use to high-end to mid-range devices. That’s no longer the case – market research firm IHS Technology is claiming that production costs for AMOLED panels are now lower than traditional LCD ones, citing prices of $14.3 per panel compared to the $14.6 for LCD based on a 5-inch panel.

The biggest winner of this AMOLED price drop is Samsung, who is one of the biggest suppliers of AMOLED panels in the industry today. They’re the ones that supply panels to Chinese smartphone makers big and small. Their gains are so big, that they’ve increased their production 95% compared to last year.

What does this mean for you? Well, it essentially means more AMOLED panels in more affordable phones moving forward. With the cost barrier at an all-time low (which will only go down as the economies of scale take over) more and more companies will opt to use AMOLED panels in their devices. AMOLED panels give richer, more vibrant images (at the cost of over saturated colors) and consume less power than LCD panels.


John Nieves

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  1. Hahah no wonder why samsung always released galaxy S / Note Series phone after several months AMOLED = After a months Burn-In occurs which options to buy new *rofl*

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