Android 11 also has a Dessert-Themed Internal Code Name

Even Android 10 has its own cool internal code name

While Google has dropped dessert names for Android builds since Android 10, Android VP for Engineering David Burke revealed to All About Android that Android 10’s internal code name is Quince Tart. Unlike with previous versions, Google decided to keep the dessert-themed names to the internal team and not use it for the public.

As for Android 11 aka Android R? Burke revealed that the internal code name for Android 11 is RVC—short for Red Velvet Cake. That name is way cooler than. Android 10’s Quince Tart, but don’t expect Google to use the name publiclyBurke said that Red Velvet Cake will remain as a codename for Android 11 among his team of engineers

You can watch the whole discussion below:


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