Android 5.0.1 Rolling Out For Galaxy Note 4, Fixes Bugs, Mute


Check your phones, a new update is here

Samsung is reportedly pushing out a new update for Galaxy Note 4, specifically Android 5.0.1 that a addresses some of the bugs that Google’s previous 5.0 update caused. If you’re not familiar, Google’s Android 5.0 update to the Galaxy Note 4 (and really, to a lot of phones) caused a few issues with phones upgrading fron KitKat, namely the removal of the mute feature (disabling all sound AND vibration from the device) as well as stability concerns.


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Google did not implement a mute feature to Android 5.0, so it fell to companies like Samsung to create their own implementation of the feature.


Added changes also include a fix for an annoying force close error that seemed to affect the Contacts App in TouchWiz. With the new update, it seems that this problem has been solved. Other features include a Side View panel (similar to the Pie Controls from the Nexus series of phones) and home buttons on the screen.

The update should be making its way to a number of European markets — including the U.K., Germany, Portugal, and Sweden. You can check for yourself if you already have the update using your phone or through Kies.


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