Angry Birds Tweeters Earphones

Authentic Angry Birds merchandise. Wow... this is rare.
Authentic Angry Birds merchandise. Wow… this is rare.

Angry Birds Tweeters Earphones

Looking for a gift to give your Angry Birds addicted, music-loving friend? Here’s the perfect gift: Angry Birds Tweeters Earphones! These is the REAL DEAL and not the ripped off earphones that sound like crap. Licensed by Rovio to Gear4, these earphones have 9mm driver for better sound quality. It also comes in different designs based on the different characters in Angry Birds.


These earphones sell for Php1,350 in various branches of Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, and Digital Walker. They have a holiday promo on-going though at Beyond the Box. For just Php1,000 you get this and Coloud Headphones worth Php1,950. Not a bad deal if you ask me, especially if you want to give techie gifts to multiple people. Check out the promo poster below for more information.

Beyond the Box Package Promo!
Beyond the Box Package Promo!

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