Apple announces the iPad Mini and 4th Generation iPad

Apple just announced the new iPad Mini

Apple had a very busy keynote presentation! They announced a whole line-up of products: a new 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro, a thinner iMac, revamped Mac Mini, the 4th Generation iPad (they killed the 3rd Generation), and the new iPad Mini. For this post we will focus on the iPads.

iPad Mini: 7.9-inch Display, 53% lighter, with iPad 2 Specifications

Made from anodized aluminum, the iPad Mini looks just as amazing as the iPhone 5. Johnny Ive’s design philosophy is truly at work here since the new iPad Mini is thinner, lighter, and even more gorgeous than the previous iPads. In terms of specs you basically get the insides of an iPad 2: 1GB RAM, Apple A5 Chip, 16GB/32GB/64GB Storage, Option for LTE model, and the “legendary” 10-hour battery life.

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How much? Here are the prices in USD with rough conversions to pesos:

16GB: $329 (Php13,820)
32GB: $429 (Php18,020)
64GB: $519 (Php21,798)

16GB + LTE: $459 (Php19,278)
32GB + LTE: $559 (Php23,478)
64GB + LTE: $649 (Php27,258)

The WiFi models of the iPad Mini will start shipping on November 2 in a bunch of countries (of course the Philippines is not included). The good news though is that Hong Kong and Singapore are on the list so you can expect gray market models to be offered by online shops (albeit at crazy prizes) by November 3-4. Daan na lang kayo ng Greenhills. 🙂

The iPad Mini will also have their own Smart Covers that come in different colors. The iPad Mini will be available in White and Black.

4th Generation iPad: Apple A6 Chip

Apple also introduced the 4th generation iPad. The only change compared to the previous iPad though is the new processor. They put in the A6 Chip which is the same processor running on the iPhone 5. The 4th Generation iPad replaces the 3rd Generation iPad on Apple’s roster (they killed the 3rd Gen).

So… are you guys sold on the iPad Mini? I’m seriously tempted to get one especially since I just sold my 3rd Generation iPad. Thinking of just getting the WiFi model and will pair it up with the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi. Looks like I won’t be getting the 5th Generation iPod Touch anymore, hehe.

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