iPhone 12 Pro Matches Mi 10 Pro in DxOMark

With Apple bragging about the iPhone 12 Pro’s upgraded main camera, it is interesting to know how does Apple’s top-tier phone fares against the top-performing flagship smartphones. DxOMark recently put the iPhone 12 Pro to the test and gave it a score of 128. That makes the iPhone 12 Pro at par with the Mi 10 Pro but behind the P40 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra, and Mate 40 Pro. Overall, that makes Apple’s 2020 phone the 4th best-performing smartphone at DxOMark.

Breaking down the scores, the iPhone 12 Pro’s 135 score in Photo is highlighted by its top-notch Autofocus (thanks to the iPhone 12 Pro’s Focus Pixels), which focuses quickly and accurately. The iPhone 12 Pro is also great with color accuracy and exposure, though DxOMark notes that it has a relatively limited dynamic range compared to its competitors.

With the same 2x zoom range on the iPhone 12 Pro, DxOMark remarked that it produces good picture quality throughout the whole range—DxOMark describes it as better than the iPhone 11 Pro’s 2x telephoto camera. As for its ultra-wide-angle camera, the iPhone 12 Pro produced good images though it lags behind its competitors when it comes to details and corner sharpness.

As for video, the iPhone 12 Pro is one of the better-performing phones with its 112 score. DxOMark gave special mention to the iPhone 12 Pro’s HDR capabilities, as it produced a good exposure, wide dynamic range, and a movie-like effect in high-contrast scenes.

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