Apple Is Facing A $999 Billion Lawsuit

It’s 1000 dollars away from a trillion dollars

Apple’s been in really hot water ever since a developer discovered that the company introduced an update that deliberately slowed down their iPhones because of battery issues. While the company has since apologized and slashed the prices of replacement batteries, their admission has opened them up to lawsuits.

The latest (and most ridiculous) lawsuit to come out of the issue was filed by Violetta Mailyan, who is suing the company forĀ  $999 billion.

In a nutshell, Violetta’s lawsuit lays down what many people have long suspected: Apple deliberately slows down phones via software updates to force users to buy the next iteration of the device. The lawsuit also says that Violetta (and other consumers) lost the value of their older iPhone models because of the deliberate slowdown of performance.

That lawsuit is one of many that are now surfacing because of Apple’s admission of the deliberate slowdowns. Reuters is reporting that there are now at least eight lawsuits against the Cupertino firm, filed in California, New York, Illinois and even Israel.

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    1. I looked at the original amount in the lawsuit wrong. It’s actually 1000 dollars short of a trillion.

      Original lawsuit amount is $999,999,999,000.

  1. “Apple deliberately slows down phones via software updates to force users to buy the next iteration of the device.”

    This has always been, what people are saying before this whole debacle.. but nooooooo fantards still defending their beloved Apple Iphone… haha

    what you gonna do now homies?

    1. Dear Apple Fantards, Did you know that Windows XP still running up to this date with Minimum 512mb ram and 1Ghz Processor? Did you know that you can now run windows 10 OS with 512mb ram, and 1Ghz Processor… who is better now?

  2. I have freinds who own iphones and ipads and they have the same complaint. Their old apple devices slow down after the update and new models become available.

    Mabuti ng nangyari yan sa apple. Hindi kasi nila nirespeto mga kliyente nila. Pinepwersa nila mga customers nila bumili ng bagong unit nila. …

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