Apple Magic Trackpad

The Apple Magic Trackpad has been around for a while now but a lot of people don’t understand what’s it for. Basically the Trackpad is a wireless bigger touchpad that you connect using bluetooth. It’s also equipped for multitouch gestures which you can even enhance with third party software. What’s the point of having one? Well from my personal experience the Trackpad is great if you’re using a big screen (23″) and not your usual 13″-15″ monitors. If it’s just a 13″-15″ screen I’ll stick to the mouse. In my office though where I have my MBP plugged to an external monitor my preference is the Trackpad.

Classic and clean Apple packaging.
Spacious touchpad for multitouch gestures.

Different stores have different prices but it should be around the Php3,600-Php3,900 range. Got mine for free though as a gift from my wife! <3

Carlo Ople

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