Apple Not Giving Up On The iPod, Makes Substantial Upgrades to iPod Touch


Apple’s music player gets a hardware overhaul

In this day and age, is there still a place for the venerable iPod? Apple seems to think so, as it just overhauled the iPod Touch’s hardware substantially, adding quite a bit of grunt under the hood for better performance.

The new, revamped iPod now sports a 64-bit A8 processor for better gaming and performance, as well as the M8 motion co-processor to keep track of users’ physical activity, and a new 8-megapixel rear camera. Apple did not say what clock speeds the new processors were running at, but TechCrunch found that the new processors were chugging along at 1.1GHz, which is slower than the iPhone 6’s 1.39GHz.

Along with the iPod, Apple also introduced new color options for the iPod Nano and Shuffle. They can now be had in dark blue, hot pink and gold.

The new iPod Touch is priced in the PH at Php 12,590 for the 16GB model, Php 15,590 for the 32GB model, Php 18,590 for the 64GB model and Php 24,990 for the 128GB model.

John Nieves

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  1. Because the iPod touch is a cheaper alternative to an iphone, sans the 2g/3g/4g radios. Hope they came up with 5.5inch version instead. Cheers!

    In other news, was suspended?

  2. Bibili na lang ako ng murang 4 inch phone tapos sasalpakan ko ng 64 or 128gb sd card. Yung matitira sa budget ay ibibili ko ng high-quality in ear headphone at meron pa akong pang jollibee. I’m sure hindi lahat ng regular users ay kayang ubusin ang 64gb for mp3.

    Gawin nilang 128gb ang nano at shuffle with fino or sony sound technology plus high quality earpiece at baka mapabilib pa ako sa pricing nila.

    1. Or you know, you can hunt for a Sandisk Clip+, a cheaper FiiO model, a Zune (old but gold) or any other HiFi player. Any player that can use FLAC or WAV well is worth investing on. Plus get a medium priced, near HiFi model such as Koss Portapro’s. Even products like Mi Piston 3.0s, or Sound Magic E10s are good enough (the reason I mentioned these 2 is because they’re very easy to find in the philippines, lazada and kimstore are good sources).

      You now have a really decent headphone set up at 3,000 – 10,000.

      Protip: Cheap phones don’t really work as well as dedicated players because of their soundcards.

    2. 25k for a 128gb phoneless iphone 6 is really impressive. also, there are few 4 inch phones that supports sdxc cards out of the box. also, These have better quality than 4-inch phones you mention, not to mention a better sound output. I am not an apple fan, and haven’t owned any apple devices yet, but I am impressed with apples products. They are impressive and doesn’t deserve all the hate. The only thing holding me back from owning an iPhone is that I am a memory-hungry person.

      Overall, these are great, reasonably price are greatly designed and durable. a perfect complement for an android phone. and doesn’t deserve all the hate they receive.

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