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Apple Officially Outs 12.9-inch iPad Pro

iPad Pro

This is the biggest iPad ever

Apple has officially taken off the wraps off of their newest iPad model, and boy is it huge. The new tablet, dubbed the iPad Pro, sports a 12.9-inch display which is the company’s biggest tablet ever. The new iPad Pro has a resolution of 2,732 x 2,048. That resolution means that the iPad Pro has the same 4:3 aspect ratio as the traditional iPads of Apple. Because of the size of the display, the iPad Pro is capable of using “full-sized” keys on its on-screen keyboard similar to the ones on its notebooks.


You can get a keyboard and a “stylus” for it

Why the bigger size? Well Apple hopes that you’ll utilize the bigger screen real-estate for multi-tasking, a new feature that has been introduced in the newest iteration of iOS 9. Apple says that you’ll be getting a fuller, better experience in both entertainment and productivity with the iPad Pro, though that remains to be seen, obviously. The iPad Pro will also utilize a smart keyboard cover that kind of makes it a more portable, easier to carry notebook, in the same vein as hybrid tablet/notebook devices like ASUS’ Transformer Book series of devices.

iPad Pro 2

Along with the keyboard, the iPad Pro will also be able to utilize Apple’s Apple Pencil accessory that allows users to write and draw on the tablet, just like on paper. The tablet is capable of reading the nuances of pressure, so it knows just how much force you’re applying on the display which makes it ideal for artists and creatives.

iPad Pro 3
The tablet also allows users to doodle and make notes on attachments and photos – pretty much Samsung’s S-Note functionality with an Apple twist. Surprisingly, Microsoft was on-stage during the event to give a demonstration on the different use cases for the Apple Pencil on their Office and Excel apps.


Monstrous Specs

The new tablet also sports a new processor, mainly Apple’s A9X. The new chip sports double the memory bandwidth and graphics performance over the A8X that’s in the iPad Air 2.

As far as pricing, Apple is pegging an MSRP of $799 (Php 37.5K) for the 32GB model, $949 (php 44.5K) for 128GB and $1,079 (Php 50K) with 128GB and LTE. The pencil is $99 (Php 4.6K) and the Smart Keyboard is $169 (Php 7.9K). The new products will land in November in the US.



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  1. Typo..There’s no 64GB. Double entry for 128GB.

    “As far as pricing, Apple is pegging an MSRP of $799 (Php 37.5K) for the 32GB model, $949 (php 44.5K) for 128GB and $1,079 (Php 50K) with 128GB and LTE.”

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