Apple Working On A “Crumb-Resistant” Keyboard

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As someone who has been using MacBooks for a decade (my first being the white MacBook in 2007), I have a bunch of reasons why I do not like any Macbook/MacBook Pro from 2015 onwards: Aside from the lack of ports (why ditch the SD Card slot and Magsafe port), the price hikes, and the questionable potential of the Touch Bar (for MacBook Pros), they have one of the worst keyboards out there.

Because they are thinner than their predecessors, Apple had to redesign the butterfly mechanism of their keyboards to fit the skinny chassis of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The result: A very low key travel that doesn’t feel like an actual keyboard. Not just that, the new keyboards are prone to problems. In fact, a speck of dust entering the butterfly mechanism can pose a variety of problems, and that can result in costly repairs since Apple replaces the whole top case and not the individual keys. Here’s a video of the said problem:

Now to resolve this problem, Apple has filed a patent that involves adding gaskets to protect the butterfly mechanism from the elements such as dirt and crumbs. Interestingly, the patent was filed almost two years ago-on September 7, 2016-a day before the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus was unveiled.

In principle, the use of the gaskets is similar to how professional cameras and camera lenses use rubber gaskets to protect critical areas from outside elements. While it is an interesting patent, we have to wait for a few months (or years) before Apple can implement this on their future MacBooks.


Source: The Verge

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