Apple’s iPhone 7 Have Intel Chips Inside Of Them


When research firm Chipworks was tearing apart the iPhone 7, they weren’t expecting to see the Intel logo in the new phone. Why would they? The chip manufacturer has effectively pulled out of the mobile scene after their mobile processors failed to gain traction with a wider swath of manufacturers.

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Imagine their surprise to see Intel made-silicone inside Apple’s new baby. And it wasn’t just a single chip, mind you – it was four: the LTE modem, two tranceivers and a power management chip. Usually these chips are made by another high-profile supplier, Qualcomm, for Apple.

While not all of Apple’s new iPhones will carry Intel-made chips (there will be a healthy mix of both Qualcomm and Intel supplied modems in their phones) it’s a surprising turn of events. Many industry insiders blame Intel’s slow takeup of LTE over WiMax as one of the major blunders that gimped their mobile efforts from the start.

Hopefully we’ll see a rebirth of Intel chipsets in new phones soon.


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