ARM to Continue Business with Huawei

ARM explains that their tech is of UK origin and not US

Huawei has one less issue to worry about, as ARM announced that it will continue supplying its chip technology to the Chinese tech giant. This was confirmed by a Reuters report, with ARM explaining that their tech is of UK origin and will not breach current US Trade Ban restrictions.

This development means that Huawei can use ARM’s latest chip tech such as the Cortex-A77 CPU and Mali-G77 GPU for their in-house Kirin chips.  Huawei’s Kirin 990 and Ascend 910 AI chips are based on ARM’s architecture, and ARM’s tech is crucial in the development of these chips.

From the same report, an ARM spokesperson said that they are “actively communicating with department officials regarding any support of our partner HiSilicon”, and that “remain confident we are operating within the parameters of those guidelines.”


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