ASUS Announces RECO Classic Car Cam

ASUS RECO Classic_Car Cam_with GPS sensor
A dashcam for your car

ASUS is known for making hi-end notebook, PC components, and phones, but the outfit from Taiwan is looking to expand to another vertical: dashcams. They’ve officially announced the launch of the RECO Classic Car Cam. The RECO is a easy to use, clip-on dashcam that’s been stuffed with a bunch of high-end features that help you record your daily rides.

ASUS RECO Classic_Car Cam_KV

ASUS has put in an Omnivision CMOS sensor in the RECO and paired it with a f/2.0 aperture and 140-degree FOV to record as much as the road in front of you as possible, even during the night. It can capture said images in full HD 1080p, and has a loop function in recording to conserve space. If you ever get into an accident, a three axis G-sensor records 30 seconds before the time of impact and 30 seconds after, and locks down that file so it doesn’t get overwritten during normal use.

That’s not all though – at speeds past 60 km/h, the RECO Classic Car Cam’s lane departure warning system (LDWS) activates and lets you know if you’re veering away from your designated lane. A Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) lets you know if you’re tailgating and following a car too closely.

ASUS RECO Classic_Car Cam_IO

ASUS is pricing the RECO Classic Car Cam at Php 5,990. It’s available to buy at DS Gadgets, Dynaquest, and PC Worx branches nationwide

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