ASUS’ Burgundy Red ZenBook 13 Is To Die For

This thin-bezeled notebook is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Remember that skinny-bezel notebook that we reviewed a few weeks ago (AKA ASUS’ ZenBook 13)? Apparently, ASUS is adding a new, stunning Burgundy Red color variant, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

While it’s pretty much the same internally as the previously released ZenBook 13 aside from the color, there’s no denying this thing looks fantastic. It’s really hard to convey that deep red color in the photos that we took – you really have to look at it in person to appreciate it.

The ZenBook 13 is a proven workhorse, thanks to its incredibly small chassis for the screen size. The reduced bezels all contribute to a smaller than usual body, and that unique Ergolift hinge makes it extremely easy to type on the notebook’s excellent keyboard.

The internals of the ZenBook 13 isn’t too shabby either, as the notebook sports an Intel Core i5-8265U processor running at 1.6GHz, 8GB of RAM plus an NVIDIA GeForce MX150. You’re definitely not going to be playing Apex Legends on this anytime soon, but it’s powerful enough to for both video and photo editing.

This gorgeous ZenBook 13 Burgundy Red is priced at Php 66,995 and is now available to buy nationwide.

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