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ASUS’ GX800 Has Two(!) Videocards Inside Of It


It also has liquid cooling too

If you’re ASUS, how do you top yourself once you’ve made a water-cooled gaming notebook? Well, that’s easy – put in two videocards inside of it. That’s the premise behind the GX800, the newest top-of-the-line gaming notebook from the gaming brand Republic of Gamers. And while ASUS has not exactly revealed what videocards are inside of the GX800, even money says that it’s NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 because why not?

ROG GX800_Docking

Aside from the dual GPU setup, the GX800 also has for real mechanical keys inside of it dubbed MechTAG. If that wasn’t enough, the GX800 also utilizes the same watercooling technology that the GX700 has, Intel’s newest K series of processors and LED lighting for that true gaming feel. No price has been set for this monster, but judging from the previous price on the GX700, you can expect it to devastate your wallet.

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